Monday, December 30, 2013

SUMMER HEAT CAN JUST ABOUT KILL US! We get fatigued, exhausted, symptomatic, and right down grumpy

Summer Is Upon Us...

It is the dog days of summer. It has arrived and there doesn't seem to be anything that we can do to change it.

Let's face it. SUMMER HEAT CAN JUST ABOUT KILL US! We get fatigued, exhausted, symptomatic, and right down grumpy.

For me, I love summer. I love the heat and I'm from Texas! Colder months cause me to be in pain more then the summer. I know a lot of you are going " huh?"

Don't get me wrong. There have been days when I've been out in the heat and I start having a " mini flare ", legs get weak, I feel like my brain got fried except for the yolk and its milky fog which is my brain. I walk into things more often, ( darn doorway moved on me again ) Oops. I forgot there was a step there or at least one if my legs did. All I want is my air conditioning, my bed and 10 hrs of sleep.

Eat lots of water soluble foods and fruits. Watermelon, oranges, salads. When we are having fun in the sun we tend to not eat as often. I always have a cooler full of fruit, and some form of a cold pasta salad that is quick carb energy. When I feel hungry, I eat. Not snacking on fruits and such will allow your body to really get drained, quickly.

I've taken steps to make sure that I can have my summer fun. Why should we be deprived of something we love but often can't because its just too hot outside? Through many different resources and 25 yrs of trial and error.. I have learned what I can do to help me. I can't say it will help you , but I do hope these tips are helpful.

Make sure that you are hydrated 24/7. Drink more water then Gatorade. I personally drink smart water. When you are out in the heat make sure that you are drinking often as it will help keep your body temperature down from the inside, even if your hot on the outside.

Stay away from drinking things with a lot of caffeine because it acts as a diuretic.

There are TONS of different types of clothing that is designed for MS patient to stay cool. The have shirts, vests, neckties, wrist bands, etcetera. They do help. They help regulate your body temperature from going up. I use to carry a cooler full of ice so that I could just dip them in and keep cool.

Wear a hat. I often wet mine down in a sink full of ice and it helps  keep the sun from beating down on your head directly. It helped keep me..that's right.. Cooler. A little tip. Take an ice pack and keep it up in your groin area and that works well for fevers too.

I am fortunate that I am not but five minutes to the lake. I love how the sun makes me feel, but I am always in the water. It keeps my body temperature down and is also a wonderful way to get some easy exercises done in the process. If you don't live near a lake, look online or in the phone book to see where you community pool is. It's very cheap to go. I pay $ 2.00 to use the pool. I use water to my advantage!

I know the heat can be a real pain in the arse. I can relate to the frustrations of not doing anything in the summer. It's a real drag. But try some of these and get out and have some summer fun!

See ya there